Behind any good guitarist is an even better team. The often unsung heroes of any good artist. Stuart Evans has been lucky enough to find himself a handful of gems when it comes to Guitars, Gear & Illustration. Here they are in all their knowledgeable glory! Introducing Mark Hards, Neil Grimes & Sean De Burca.

J-45 in setup
Having a setup + the K&K fitted
Sheraton after setup
All shiny and ready to go!
Fender Multi Shot
The strat after its setup + pickup fitting. I wanted light heavies.. 10.5 it is!
Fender Neck Sand
Mark did an awesome job on my strat, taking the neck on my strat from a sticky, hard to play, poly gloss to a really nice smooth and fast satin finish!
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Mark Hards

Mark is a guy who knows a great setup, he makes sure every guitar is up to its best playing ability - but more importantly, gives the setup that best suits the player AND the guitar. He has his own base for guitar repairs / setups in Eastbourne.

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2017 Pedalboard
NRG hand wired pedalboard, everything buffered and secured in place ready for some heavy gigging for the road!
Gibson Rewire
This is just a glimpse of the quality Neil works at..
NRG - Inside
The insides of my pedal! This is quite an old pedal, so new designs are undoubtedly better
NRG Custom
My pride and joy in my pedals
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Neil Grimes

Neil Grimes is the brain behind my custom pedal's brawn. A genius when it comes to anything that needs to be wired, he makes some amazing boutique pedals of all types of wierd and wonderful effects. Neil has a base in Eastbourne and continues to churn out quality pedals that I'm proud to say I own one of!

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The Passage Album Cover
The Passage's Single Cover, designed by Sean De Burca
Stuart Evans Black Ink on White
The Black Ink on White, Stuart Evans logo designed by Sean De Burca
Stuart Evans Black Transfer on Light Woo
The Black Ink Transfer on Light Wood effect, Stuart Evans logo designed by Sean De Burca
Stuart Evans Black Transfer on Dark
The Black Ink Transfer on Dark Wood effect, Stuart Evans logo designed by Sean De Burca
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Sean De Burca

A prolific musician and beautiful artisan of his craft, Sean is a fantastic performer and artist. He is Stuart's preffered choice when it comes to Album Design & Logo Creation. His work has spanned many different genres, but all have his unique edge that earmarks his work as some of the best the South East has to offer

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